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White Paper on Online Harms: blog post by Stéphane Goldstein

Hello everyone,
As you might have seen, the UK Government has just published its long-awaited White Paper on Online Harms, which is available at . Most of this is devoted to means of combating dangerous or unacceptable online behaviour, but there's also a chapter on media literacy, and this addresses issues that are closely related to information literacy. In particular, it proposes the development of a national media literacy strategy. Well worth a read, especially since the document recognises libraries as one of the key stakeholders to be involved in the formulation of the strategy.
I've also attempted to set out some thoughts about this in a blog piece at .
Please note that the Government is consulting on the questions raised in the White Paper, with a response deadline on 1st July - feel free to let your views be known!

Best wishes,
Stéphane Goldstein
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And here are some related useful links collated by the Scottish Government Library

DCMS is building on its report on disinformation by setting up a Subcommittee on Disinformation to monitor this area on an ongoing basis

 Posted by Jenny Foreman, Scottish Government Library

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