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Information Literacy Level

Assessment level SCQF Level 7 / SHE level 1, Cert HE, HNC, Advanced Higher


General skill

Using information literacy skills and competences effectively and ethically to independently undertake a piece of research


Example of level of task 

Specific skills[1]

Ability to:

  • plan and organise an information task
  • use a range of techniques to clearly define the selected information topic
  • identify of appropriate keywords
  • identify of suitable information sources
  • search selected information sources effectively to find relevant information on topic
  • evaluate information using evaluation criteria
  • review search results and identify appropriate changes for a similar future search
  • manage findings
  • communicate findings
  • use information found ethically and responsibly



Further information:

  • Sources of  information used should include print, electronic and people
  • The information may be textual, numerical, graphical, images, audio or video.
  • Recognised techniques to clearly define the selected information topic could include brainstorming and mind mapping.
  • The person should be able to work with minimum support.
  • The management of their findings may be electronically or in print.



If the person is to be assessed then they must:


  • use a range of sources of information from the following categories – electronic, people and printed sources
  • know the advantages and disadvantages of using different information sources
  • know the criteria used to evaluate information
  • know and understand the ethics and responsible use of information
  • communicate / share findings in a manner or format that is appropriate to the information, the intended audience and situation.


Assessment level                                                                              SCQF Level 7 / SHE level 1, Cert HE, HNC, Advanced Higher


[1] The skills are based upon SQA’s Information Handling Skills National Qualification and CILIP’s Information Literacy definition