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Louise Ballantyne, Development Officer, Literacy, Learning and Teaching Scotland is constructing a resource called ‘Real and Relevant – Information Literacy Skills for the 21st Century Learner’ which is aimed at the upper primary/early secondary stages. This resource reflects the purposes and principles of Curriculum for Excellence as well as linking with specific outcomes from the Literacy and English framework 

She presented a seminar ‘Real and Relevant – Information Literacy Skills for the 21st Century Learner’  at the Scottish Learning Festival in 2008 which covered:

  • Clarity of purpose –  helping learners focus on what they want to find out and linking this to what they know already
  • Selecting resources – the most appropriate sources of information for the task
  • Using features of texts to locate information
  • Using search engines and Boolean methods – locating information more efficiently using keywords and different ways of searching
  • Organising and selecting information – Skimming and scanning, interpreting information, selecting valid points, taking notes
  • Evaluating information – Recognising when sources seek to influence us, criteria used to evaluate information

Her work was informed by the National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland)