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1st Year English Library Research project Biography

•         research on a famous person

•         gathering information from a variety of sources including non-fiction books, encyclopedias and websites

•         covering reading skills (skimming, scanning), finding information, note-taking, Internet

•         using a search engine including exercise

•         note-taking from the internet, note-taking from books

•         how to write a bibliography

•         presenting your information, your talk.


2nd Year History

•         Covering misinformation and disinformation giving examples of websites, photos

•         strategies for searching

•         searching the Internet effectively; searching the Internet using Google, URLs and Domain names

•         evaluating websites and books including quick quiz on evaluation

•         note-taking from the internet, note-taking from books

•         resource search for resources on John F Kennedy (they have to include specific details / questions relating to – biographies of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, describe what events happened before, during and after the assassination, find and look at different conspiracy theories


Curriculum for Excellence Audit

audit of IL activities and how they fit into the CfE


Power Point presentation on work given at Project Open Meeting 28th May 2008

 “Using the Library can be fun!”