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Caldervale High School, Airdire


Exploration by a group of staff (four teachers and the school librarian) around the question of how to improve the support they provide for the development of their pupils information skills in an academic context.


Follow up activity to participation in researcher project looking at teachers’ conceptions of information literacy (Williams and Wavell, 2006):

  •  the use of co-operative learning vital to success of project
  • teachers observed S1 Geography class (S1 = first year @secondary school 12 -13 year olds)
  • identified how they were going to define information skills and which ones they were aiming to support their pupils
  •  developed programme of work for S1 and S2 English with the intention of rolling out across the curriculum
  • so far used / adapted for S1 and S2 Computing.

Learning and Teaching Scotland / Curriculum for Excellence Case study –Supporting information literacy development