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Craigholme School, Glasgow

From Buddha to Kenya via Glasgow! The transistion from Junior to Secondary (PowerPoint presentation on work given at Scottish Information Literacy Project Open Meeting 28th May 2008)

Junior 6 Research World Religions: Planning

  • Working in groups
  • Brainstorming a research area
  • Devising research questions
  • Thinking of keywords for searching
  • Deciding on and collecting relevant information
  • Presenting information
  • Learning about a world religion as an individual and group, and sharing that information with the class.

Junior 7 Family History: Locating

Select best potential resources that are valid, understandable, relevant, authoritative and current.

S1, S2 and S6: Note making skills - joint programme devised and delivered by the librarian and geography and modern studies principal teachers.

Contacts: Donna Luc or Susan