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The Scottish Information Literacy Project and The Caledonian Academy

We have worked in partnership with the Caledonian Academy on initiatives of strategic importance to the university and were actively involved in the ILearn steering group which was co-ordinated by the Academy to develop an Independent Learning Framework for the university. This framework is being used as a useful tool to guide the integration of academic, ICT and information literacies within module design at Glasgow Caledonian. We were involved in discussions with the Caledonian Academy on its collective learning strategy which draws on collective knowledge and draws on a wide range of learning styles and strategies and, in which, information literacy has an obvious role.

The Scottish Information Literacy Project and The Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRLL)

We have a good working relationship with the Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning and look forward to working with them under their new Co-Director David Smith on joint initiatives involving information literacy, lifelong learning and blended learning. We have been involved in the Moving Forward Project to promote information literacy as a key employability skill for the modern graduate and look forward to continuing and extending that involvement.

John Crawford & Christine Irving

Updated: 14 December, 2009