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29th - 31st March 2010 - LILAC 2010 (The Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference) Limerick at the Limerick Strand Hotel.

Begin at the Beginning: Information and Critical Literacy in Curriculum for Excellence Early & First Level (Nursery and Primary Schools) (PowerPoint presentation) Begin at the beginning – Information Literacy in primary schools  (presentation abstract) – Christine Irving

Employability and information literacy: a review of a training programme (abstract) Information literacy in employability training: the experience of Inverclyde Libraries. Evaluating a training programme (PowerPoint presentation).  - John Crawford

17th March 2010 - Information Literacy Conference - presentation & workshop - integrating IL across the secondary curriculum, Aberdeenshire Library and Information Service

Integrating Information and Critical Literacy across the curriculum

2nd March 2010 - Lecture / presentation to LIS students at the University of Strathclyde Information Literacy Project - What is it, who is it for and what does it mean to you?


30th November - 1st December 2009 - An Information Literacy Framework for Wales? University of Wales Conference Centre, Gregynog. Presentations including - A National Information Literacy Framework for Scotland. How did we get here? Scottish Information Literacy Project.

17th November 2009 - one day seminar Equality and Diversity: promoting good practice in library work 10:00 - 15:45. The programme is addressing equalities in its broadest sense from the disability agenda to issues related to social inclusion. The project is taking place in the poster sessions. Mitchell Library, Glasgow

23rd - 24th September 2009 - Scottish Learning Festival 2009 'Excellence in the learning age', SECC and Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

16th September 2009 - Scottish Information Literacy Project 3rd Open Meeting, Glasgow Caledonian University - theme will be IL as a key skill for career choice, progression, CPD and workplace decision making. The emphasis will be less formally educational than previous open mSave & Closeeetings.Programme


14th - 15th July 2009 - Umbrella 2009 'Making Connections: The power of people , partnerships & services'. De Havilland Campus at The University of Hertfordshire. Taking information literacy beyond the ‘library’ Or How the Project has expanded by Dr John Crawford.

22nd - 25th June 2009 - Interactions and Impact (i³) Conference, The Department of Information Management, Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

16th - 17th June 2009 - JISC RSC South West Summer Conference - The Learner Experience, Weston-super-Mare. The Project and the ‘Learner experience’ John Crawford and Christine Irving

30th March -1st Apri 2009 - LILAC 2009 (The Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference) Cardiff University.

Monday 30th March 3pm - 3.34pm presentation by John Crawford and Christine Irving Taking information literacy beyond the ‘library'

27th March 2009 - Information Literacy & Career Development Symposium, Skills Development Scotland, Glasgow

19th March 2009 - CILIPS Skills for Scotland: information literacy, libraries and learning, Glasgow Metropolitan College

12th March 2009 - University of Sheffield, Library and Information Science MA students Information Literacy Research module seminar / discussion on reviewing our research journey followed by a presentation to other staff and students, as part of the Centre for Information Literacy Research series.

10th March 2009 - National Conference: ‘Towards Excellence: Developing Capacity in Literacy’, Glasgow


28th November 2008 - SLIC FE Conference Programme, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. John Crawford and Christine Irving took part in the JISC round table discussions then podcast interview with Philip Pothen about our work.

30th October 2008 - Digital literacy in an e-world: The Annual E-Books Conference, Vitra Conferences Suite, Lighthouse, Glasgow. Presentation -The Scottish Information Literacy Project "From ICT to Digital Literacy the importance of information literacy".

2nd September 2008 - "Making Connections" Seminar, Aberdeen Business School,     The Robert Gordon University. Presentation by Dr Annemaree Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Australia "Drawing from others: Ways of knowing about information literacy performance".

25th June 2008 - Presentation on The Scottish Information Literacy Project to a group of US School Librarians, visit organised by the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

13th - 15th June 2008 - keynote speaker at The School Library Association UK Conference, School Libraries: leading learning, Strathclyde University. The Scottish Information Literacy Project:working with partners to create an information literate Scotland

28th May 2008 - Scottish Information Literacy Project Open Meeting programme with links to presentations Glasgow Caledonian University - Charles Oakley Building C236 for campus map see

28th March 2008 - Guest lecture to Information and Library Studies students Information Literacy module at Strathclyde University on the work of the Scottish Information Literacy Project

17th - 19th March 2008 - LILAC 2008 Librarians' Information Literacy Annual ConferenceLiverpool John Moores University

Keynote - The development of a National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland); progress, barriers, constraints and opportunities presentation recoded as podcast

Podcasts of LILAC 2008 keynotes

Parallel session - Information literacy in the workplace: a qualitive interview based study

12th March 2008 - speaker at Staffordshire University Information Literacy Community of Practice - Advocacy - a core function for Information Literacy


19th October 2007 - Project Presentation by John Crawford at the (US) National Forum on Information Literacy conference, Washington, USA.

1st October 2007 - Scottish Funding Council: Skills Conference organised by the Skills Committee in collaboration with Futureskills Scotland and theSkills for Business Network attended by John Crawford and Christine Irving, Radisson SAS Hotel, Argyle Street, Glasgow.

25th September 2007 - Draft Information Literacy Framework presentation by Christine Irving at the North Ayrshire, Secondary School Librarians meeting.

29th August 2007 - NHS Education for Scotland training session - Information Literacy online courses / tutorials attended by Christine Irving Lister Postgraduate Institute, Edinburgh.

24th August 2007 - The Scottish Information Literacy Project by John Crawford and Christine Irving at the SCURL Health Group "business-lite" meeting, National library of Scotland, Edinburgh.

25th - 28th June 2007 - Information literacy in the workplace: a small exploratory study (abstract) by Christine Irving at Information: Interactions and Impact (i3), The Department of Information Management, Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

22nd - 24th June 2007 - The Scottish Information Literacy Project by John Crawford and Christine Irving at CRLL 4th International Conference - The times they are a changin': researching transitions in lifelong learning. University of Stirling.

23rd May 2007 - Wider community open meeting on the Draft National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) at 2pm to 4.30pm in A303B,Govan Mbeki BuildingGlasgow Caledonian University. Christine Irving and John Crawford - The Scottish Information Literacy Project.

20th April 2007 - Project partners and advisory group explanatory session and discussion on the draft National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) by John Crawford and Christine Irving at Glasgow Caledonian University.

26th - 28th March 2007 - The development of a National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) by Christine Irving at LILAC 2007 Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University.


13th September 2006 Project Presentation by John Crawford and Christine Irving at the North Lanarkshire Learning Resource Co-ordinator Manager's Business meeting, Clyde Valley High School, Wishaw.

7th June 2006 – Information Literacy Masterclass for Learndirect scotland.

25th May 2006 – Project Presentation by John Crawford and Christine Irving at the Glasgow Caledonian Universities Learning Teaching Showcase day.

9th May 2006 – Project Presentation by John Crawford at the School Libraries Group day at the University of Abertay, Dundee.

28th April 2006 – Project Presentation Measuring (or trying to) information literacy: or Naught for your comfort by John Crawford and Christine Irving at 'How information literate are students' the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals & Scottish Academic Libraries Co-operative Training Group Day at Jordanhill Campus, University of Strathclyde.

27th - 29th March 2006 - Politics, work and the lifelong learning agenda in information literacy by John Crawford and Christine Irving at LILAC Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference), University of Leeds.


21st–22nd September 2005 – John Crawford and Christine Irving attending SETT, The Scottish Learning Festival SECC Glasgow.

9th-11th August - project presentation by John Crawford at IFLA Management and Marketing Section. Pre conference satellite meeting in Bergen.

15th–17th June 2005 - From secondary school to the world of work: the experience of evaluating Information Literacy skills development at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) (PPT) by John Crawford at eLiteracy Conference 2005 eLiteracy and eLearning, University of Strathclyde .

4th–6th April 2005 – John Crawford and Christine Irving attended LILAC (Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference), Imperial College London.

23rd March 2005 - From EIS usage to the employability agenda and some of the houses in between (PPT) by John Crawford at CILIP University, College & Research Group Information Literacy Event, University of Strathclyde.

17th March 2005 – project presentation by Christine Irving at LibNet (Library Network) Information Literacy event, SFEU (Scottish Further Education Unit)

17th January 2005 - brief overview of the project by John Crawford at CILIP Lifelong Learning Panel