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The role of information literacy in addressing a specific strand of lifelong learning: the work agenda

In order to better understand the role of information literacy in the work place and how this varies in different working environments interviews with 6 -10 people ideally in a spread of occupations and interests will be carried out. Subjects for interviews will be drawn from three sources:

  • former students contacted through the University's alumni office
  • trade union learning representatives contacted through the Scottish Centre for Work Based Learning
  • Lifelong Learning and Development MSc students who work for a range of employers across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Learning and Teaching Scotland has provided funding to support this small interview based research project. The findings will be made available to teachers via the NGfL (National Grid for Learning) research information for teachers as part of their continuing professional development (CPD) and with a better understanding of the overall situation might lead to an extended research project.

Christine Irving