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Information Literacy in Schools

The Scottish Information Literacy Project began in October 2004. The initial focus of the Project was to link secondary and tertiary education and develop an information literacy framework with secondary and tertiary partners which, at the end of the project, could be rolled out to other participants. The aim - to produce secondary school leavers with a skill set which further and higher education can recognise and develop or which can be applied to the world of work directly.

Work on a National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) is ongoing but it has been expanded to include the primary school sector and lifelong learning (workplace and adult literacies agenda).

In the school sector the framework and the project has drawn from the excellent work that is being carried out in individual schools and local authorites by school librarians working with individual teachers and other learning and teaching professionals.

The project has worked with Learning and Teaching Scotland to promote the benefits of information literacy on the following projects:

  • A small interview based research project on the impact of information literacy in the workplace. The research project findings will be made available to teachers via the NGfL (National Grid for Learning) research information for teachers as part of their continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Curriculum for Excellence Literacy across learning - information literacy can be found in:
    • finding and using information in the listening and talking, and reading sections
    • understanding, analysing and evaluating in listening and talking, and reading sections "to encourage progression in understanding of texts, developing not only literal understanding but also the higher order skills"
    • organising and using information in the writing section

    For more details see Curriculum for ExcellenceLiteracy across learning experiences and outcomes also the accompanying  - principles and practice paper / document.

The Project’s aims are to work with the Curriculum for Excellence Literacy Team to create a quality CPD Information Literacy toolkit/ resource pack whose target audience will be Early Years (primary 1-2). This will contain:-


  • Background Information re Information Literacy
  • Learning and teaching approaches
  • Supporting resources and case studies / exemplars of good practice.