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A National Information Literacy Framework: piloting exercise

Project supported by the Eduserv foundation

Funded by Eduserv the overall aim is to pilot the Framework with partners in Scotland (and to work with interested parties elsewhere in the UK) and to evaluate the results which will then be used to create a revised version of the Framework. The sections of the Framework on primary education, the workplace and lifelong learning are still at an embryonic phase and these areas will be considerably developed as a result of revision. Work has already begun with some Project partners but the main phase of activity will take place between September 2007 and Easter 2008.

The specific following activities will be carried out:

  • Devising programmes of work with individual partners. This will utilise particular expertise areas partners possess and will involve piloting specific aspects of the Framework  with appropriate partners
  • Piloting the Framework with partners
  • Looking at the impact which the Framework is having on practice / measuring how the Framework is affecting what is happening in educational institutions
  • Meeting with and receiving reports from Project partners to review results
  • Evaluation of the Framework in the light of reports received 
  • Redrafting the Framework
  • Writing up the results which will form a Project report and the basis for a refereed scholarly article and more popular reporting
  • Advocacy work - influencing curriculum development at national and local level where possible

Outcomes and consequences

The main Project deliverable will be a revised version of the Framework. The draft Framework is already 68 pages long and a decision will need to be taken as to whether to retain the complete document or break it up into sectors. The findings from the British Academy funded study will also be used to strengthen the sections on workplace and wider community learning. On this basis the Framework will evolve from an essentially educational document to one which is lifelong learning orientated. Advice from the Project’s Advisory Group, Project partners and discussions with senior personnel at LTS all emphasise the importance of including exemplars of good practice drawn from real life experience and exemplars will be included in the revised Framework.  

Specific outcomes:

  • A revised Framework orientated towards lifelong learning
  • The incorporation of exemplars of good practice
  • The expansion of the primary, lifelong and community learning elements to include the allocation of specific IL skills levels to these areas
  • Building on Project partnerships, a cross sectoral community of information literacy activists is being developed in Scotland
  • A report on the project
  • A scholarly article and shorter reporting
  • A further open meeting to identify further developmental stages

Project timescale: September / October 2007 - April 2008

Evaluation Survey - May 2008

With the piloting period for the Draft National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) finished an online evaluation survey was carried out.

10 questions covered:

  • The draft – how you rate it, what purposes you have used the framework for
  • Piloting – whether you have piloted the framework and in what way and if you haven’t reasons you have been unable to do so.
  • Restructuring the framework – whether you think the framework needs restructured and any comments / suggestions you have on how it can be improved
  • Respondent details – no personal details just sector respondent belongs to and whether they are a project partner.

The results of the survey can be viewed within the end of award report for Eduserv.