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The keynote speaker at the CILIP Autumn Gathering was Biddy Fisher. Biddy is chair of CILIP's new Information Literacy Steering Group. Her key note address: Information literacy - a search for understanding covered points that resonated with me, such as:

* without literacy, information has no meaning
* CILIP IL Policy - must be more than an aspiration
* where do you start - recognition of existing work
* Policy & Advocacy - stop talking to each other and get out there
* need for a glossary of terms
* long overdue - IL being embedded in CILIP
* IL key theme at Umbrella - not just in academia

She paid tribute to the work done in Scotland which was great.

This months (Nov 2012) CILIP Update has a short news item (p4) in which Biddy urges CILIP "'members to help show the public how important it is to have good information skills" . It explains that the steering group was set up earlier this year to provide CILIP with "a clear strategy of how information literacy should be promoted" and that the aim is to "find best practice in promoting information literacy and instilling it across library and information management sectors" .

"Over the next year the steering group will be moving forward with ideas to help people access information literacy training, allowing CILIP to be at the forefront of the drive to improve skills."

I'll be interested to see how the steering group progress. What about you?