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An Investigation into Scottish Teenagers’ Information Literacy and Search Skills

This research paper which was the result of a CILIP ILG bursary granted to David Brazier and Morgan Harvey Northumbria University, was presented at ISIC: The Information Behaviour Conference, 9 -11 October 2018 by David Brazier, Morgan Harvey and Geoff Walton.

Introduction. This paper presents the results of a study investigating the information literacy and search skills of young people in Scotland. Method. Participants (n=57) completed two out of four different search tasks for which the correct answers (i.e. relevant documents) were known. Their interactions with the search system were logged and information about their own perceptions of the task were collected through pre- and post-task questionnaires. Analysis. The log data from the search system was analysed using the R statistical software package to understand the performance and behaviour of the participants when conducting the search tasks. 

Results. While we identified some evidence that information literacy and search skills were being employed, overall performance was low with participants often unable to produce successful queries and/or unable to identify relevant documents, even when some were present in the results. 

Conclusions. Search performance and ability to identify relevant information was generally poor, a fact that participants themselves were frequently unable to recognise. The results also suggest a reliance on complex search assistance tools (such as spell checking and query suggestions), which are common features of major search engines, but not of smaller systems, which pupils are also likely to have to use.

Posted by Jenny Foreman, Scottish Government Library



The European Conference for Information Literacy (ECIL) is being held in Oulu, Finland this year. Monday 24th – Thursday 27th September.

Here’s the conference agenda. You’ll see there are a great variety of sessions, covering the main themes of health, education, research and libraries.

As far as I know only one of our IL CoP members, John Crawford, has made it to this remote part of Finland. A lot of very interesting tweeting happening on Twitter #ECIL2018 until we hear back from John.

@ECIL_2018 Official Twitter account of The 6th European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL). #ECIL2018 #UniOulu 

Jenny Foreman, Scottish Government Library




LILAC 2015. 8th-10th April, Newcastle.

Although I didn't attend this year's LILAC in person, I did follow and capture it all on Twitter at

The presentations can also be found at aswell as other presentations and documents on information literacy.

Paul Gray

Scottish Government Library




ECIL 2015 - 19-22 October 2015, Tallinn, Estonia

The 2015 European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) is themed 'Information Literacy in the Green Society' and will be organized by the Institute of Information Studies of Tallinn University and held from 19-22 October 2015, at Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 16th March and full text submissions 15th June.  Early bird registration closes on 15th July.

Follow the conversation on Twitter #ecil2015

Paul Gray, Scottish Government Library


Call for Papers- Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference June 17th-20th 2015 Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference
JUNE 17th-20th 2015  Juni na Uni 2015. - Hotel "Opal" Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Conference website:

The theme is: Information & media literacy for lifelong learning: digital citizenship for a digital age

"In this Information Age the rise of digital and social media tools has brought with it some amazing innovations and immense challenges. The challenge to achieve information literacy (IL) in this information rich society is vital for lifelong learning and allows us to capitalise on the diverse and often overwhelming range of information choices which we have been confronted with by the power of the Internet. This great power has forced all of us to develop strategies for confronting issues concerning accessibility, reliability, authenticity and validity as well as information overload. Information Literacy is a vital transferable skill for lifelong learning in both formal and informal learning environments throughout people's lifetimes. Information literacy facilitates active citizenship of individuals. Information literacy prepares people for lifelong learning because it enables them to find the information they need for any task or decision at hand. In helping to provide and expand access to information, helping to facilitate full participation in Society- our role is crucial. We must prepare for a Society full of Information, prepare for Digital Citizenship for a Digital Age."

Main Themes are:

A. Information literacy in the modern world

B. Librarians as support to the lifelong learning process

C. Media and information literacy – theoretical approaches (standards, assessment, collaboration, etc.)

D. New aspects of education/strategic planning, policy, and advocacy for information literacy in a digital age.

Sounds like a busy conference with lots of relevant themes and topics - look forward to hearing more about it. 

Submissions in any of the following forms are accepted:
• Full paper to be published in conference proceedings
• Presentation
• Roundtable discussion
• Poster session
• Train-the-trainers workshop
• PechaKucha

Important Dates
Paper submission deadline May 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance May 30, 2015
Dissemination of final programme June 02, 2015
Deadline for authors to submit slides June 04, 2015

For further information and additional details see the Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference website at: