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Web 2.0 Tools and Information Literacy Development in UK secondary schools

 an MSc student at University College London is looking for any school librarians to help with his research. He has created a survey on SurveyMonkey to determine the extent of Web 2.0 usage in fostering students' information literacy by secondary school librarians in the UK. 

The aim of my survey is to get an idea of how Web 2.0 tools such as social networks (e.g. Facebook), microblogs (e.g. Twitter), multimedia sharing platforms (e.g. YouTube, Instagram), and social bookmarking sites (e.g. Reddit) are being used to foster the information literacy skills of secondary school students in the UK. 

He would greatly appreciate if any school librarians could take some time to fill out the survey. It is 10 questions and should 'not take any longer than 10 minutes'. 

Web 2.0 and UK Secondary School Information Literacy Training Survey



CILIPS School Library Advocacy Group seeks short quotes that highlight the importance of a school librarian 

Item of interest from CILIP in Scotland's April Newsletter. Great idea this - so please contibute and spread the news. 

"CILIPS school library advocacy group is planning to create content for online/print that advocates for school librarians and gathers all the amazing and vital things you all do.

What they want is that highlight the importance of a school librarian to them. If you were able to send a quote or two from any of the above that would be incredibly helpful, ideally the quote would be attributed but the group welcome anonymous ones too.

The easiest way may be to keep a notepad handy and ask people for a quick quote about why they love the school library or about how you have helped them.

The group would also like some images of school libraries in action across Scotland, anything at all that you can give your permission to use.

If you can provide something, no matter how small, please e mail it to CILIPS would very much appreciate your help on this. Please share this with anyone else if you wish."


Transition from 6th form to undergraduate - skills request

Request posted on LIS-INFOLIT in case you haven't seen it

Dear All,

I am the representative for School Librarians on Cilip's Information Literacy Group Committee and I am trying to compile a list of resources that School Librarians can use with 6th form students to help them understand the types of skills that they will need when they go to university.

Please could you let me know if your university has produced any free resources for prospective students - it could be general skills  or subject specific skills. The aim is to provide a list that will then be available for pupils to use.

Thank you,

Rebecca J

Dr Rebecca Jones
Malvern St James
Avenue Road
WR14 3BA
T: 01684 892288
library blog:
Registered Charity Number 527513


Update from NLS

Dear all,

Our 'Project Blaster' information literacy resource has been up and running since March and we are now at the planning stage for our next information literacy module which will be based on maps and aimed at the older age group of secondary school pupils and adult learners.  We plan to look at maps from rural and urban areas and focus on how to read a map, picking out landmarks and reading maps in a historical context.  We hope that this resource will be ready to go live at the end of September.  I was at the Information Literacy Community of Practice meeting last week and had the opportunity to say a few words about this project. I received useful suggestions which I will feedback at our planning meetings.  So thanks to all for this.

We are also looking at doing CPD sessions for teachers and school librarians around Scotland based on the 'Project Blaster' tool and are looking for suitable venues for this type of session, possibly public libraries.  If you think you might be able to host one of these sessions, please could you contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!




Aberdeenshire Information Literacy and Learning Librarian wins CILIP President's Information Literacy Challenge

Congratulations to winner Jacqueline Geekie Information Literacy and Learning Librarian at Aberdeenshire Council.

Jacqueline and colleague Jan Murdoch - a network librarian filmed a group of school pupils on a visit to Ellon Library to research a project on the Second World War and shows how the library service puts information literacy into action. See the film at 

The film also higlights other events such as Bookbug sessions, intergenerational work and secondary pupils teaching people ICT skills within the library setting and Jacquelins says that "it is part of everything we do daily to make learning engaging."

As Phil Bradley says "Every day all across the UK librarians and information professionals are doing fantastic work to help people better understand the world around them."

News item from CILIP Update June 2013