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Dear all,

Excellent to be blogging with The Right Information, as it were!

I currently work at Dundee College in the libraries team, which we affectionately (and confusingly!) know as the Learning Hub team. We're involved in information literacy through our Literacy and Hospitality Information Skills programmes, check the blog or sign up for the RSS feed to see a post on that soon.

I'm presonally interested in information literacy, currently completing my distance learning MSc Information and Library Studies with RGU, writing my dissertation. I'm looking at the role of the library in blended learning curriculums, specifically at the librarian's specialist skills in improving information literacy in students and how this in turn improves engagement with studies, retention and achievement.

I am from a family of teachers and my involvement with education has, thus far ;o), been life-long. With so many practitioners in the family, I've always been passionate about good education, excellent teaching and ensuring everyone learns the basics to fully participate in learning, life and work. I'm interested to see how Scotland's new Curriculum for Excellence will support or improve this, as I think there is potential there, but I'm not sure it will be realised.

Look forward to working with everyone and getting to know more people through the site.



profile-Ian McCracken

Hi everyone First of all, thanks to all concerned in setting up everything.

My involvement in Information Literacy goes back more years than I like to remember. While I worked in Govan High School, Glasgow, I developed a lot of ways of addressing information literacy issues and raised concerns about some assumptions that were being made - will give more details.

I took early retirement in 2010, but was invited to join the London-based Information Literacy Task Force co-ordinated by Tricia Adams from the School Library Association. I am also still on the Scottish Parliament's Cross-Party Group on Digital Participation and I am involved in this Community of Practice and these other organisations, because I think information literacy, and the skills it can foster, are crucial and too often neglected, and I am keen to work with fellow members of The Right Information Community of Practice and anyone else, to address these issues.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



Welcome to the first of many CoP blog postings

Well here we are with a new blog for the Community of Practice (CoP) and at the start of the New Year which seems quite appropriate.

Setting up the blog was on my to-do-list and to be honest I’ve missed blogging. I used to blog on a fairly regular basis from the Scottish Information Literacy blog (archived within the CoP) and it was a great way for the project to communicate with everyone plus act as a record of the projects activities and items of interest. I hope to do the same here with other CoP members contributing their own blog postings. Blogs are meant to be interactive, in that they allow for readers to comment on content. The comments / feedback can be just as interesting and important as the original content so we will be looking for the Information Literacy Community at large responding to our postings.

There is an RSS feed on the blog so you can stay informed of the latest blog postings and any subsequent comments.

So here’s to our new blog and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, news items etc. with you.

Christine Irving

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