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Journal of Information Literacy, Volume 8 (1) June 2014

Journal of Information Literacy, Volume 8 (1) June 2014 is now published and includes articles from LILAC 2014 and book reviews including John and I's book.  



A matter of perspective, Jane Secker



Assessing information literacy programmes using information search tasks . Nikolas Leichner, Johannes Peter, Anne-Kathrin Mayer, Günter Krampen

Bilingual workplaces: integrating cultural approaches to information literacy into foreign language educational practices. Alison Hicks

The creation of a university library outreach programme to develop the information literacy of further education students: an interactive approach to support transition. Lisa Anderson, Stephen Bull

Articles from LILAC


Exploring the lived information-seeking experiences of mature students.  Sarah Clark



AMORES - Discovering a love for literature through digital collaboration and creativity. Geoff Walton

Information literacy: a matter of course. Elizabeth Tilley

Graduate information literacy in online education using the embedded librarian model. Lauryl A. Lefebvre, Martha C. Yancey

Conference corner


LILAC 2014 Conference report: a student’s perspective. Amanda Brennan

LILAC and IL: Views from outside the academy. Penny C S Andrews        

Book reviews


Book Review of Heine, C. and O’Connor, D. 2014. Teaching information fluency: how to teach students to be efficient, ethical and critical information consumers. Lanham: The Scarecrow Press. Jennifer Wilson

Book Review of Hepworth, M. and Walton, G. (eds). 2013. Developing people’s information capabilities. Bingley: Emerald. Evi Tramantza

Book review of Baker, K. 2013. Information literacy and cultural heritage. Cambridge: Chandos Publishing. Lorna Hughes

Book review of Crawford, J. and Irving, C. 2013. Information literacy and lifelong learning: policy issues, the workplace, health and public libraries. Oxford: Chandos Publishing. Natasha Skeen



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