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Great ‘Tips for Aspiring IL Authors’ LILAC 2014 session

I didn't manage to see Jane Secker and Cathie Jacksons' session where they shared ‘Tips for Aspiring Authors’ on writing for publication. Specifically the Journal of Information Literacy.

In Jane's blog lilac-2014-reflections-and-thoughts Jane talks about the session saying that 

"It was aimed at people who wanted to turn their LILAC presentation into a full peer-reviewed paper and attempted to de-mystify the peer review process and provide people with a structure for an academic paper. There was a chance to look at a short project report and think about how this could be worked up into a peer reviewed paper. Our slides are on the ILG’s Slideshare account."

The slides contain a lot of useful tips and links to resources /guidelones. I would recommend that if are thinking of writing an article or not very confident then have a lot. If you have never written an article below then it is a good journal to write for. So go on and share / publish your thoughts and work. 

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